Sunday, 7 February 2016

and tries to get creative

My corner of Argyll isn't just beautiful and great for outdoor pursuits, there are lots of talented people busy indoors producing high quality arts and crafts. In August very year a number of studios open to visitors, showcasing their wares. But you don't have to wait until then to enjoy a little creativity yourself, as I found out.

Shortly after moving here I bought this lovely bowl ......

.... from the craft fair in our village hall.
It was our first "present" for the new house. So I was excited to go along to the workshop it came from and have a go at felting myself. It was great fun but like all skills practice makes perfect,  and if an activity seems easy it's because the person is very good at it.

 I wanted to make a picture reflecting the colours of the seashore. You can decide for yourself how successful I was....

I particularly admired this scarf made by another participant..

I made another smaller piece which I'm going to make into a lavender bag..

Felting turned out to be a surprisingly physical activity, you stand up so good for those fitness apps, the rubbing which binds the fibres into felt is a good work out for your arms; and then there's the "throw down" great for releasing tensions. Add in lunch and beautiful surroundings and it's the perfect activity for a get together with friends; there are plenty of places to stay nearby if you want to make weekend of it. You can even indulge in some retail therapy and snap up one of Hazel's hats or bowls.

Marina x

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