Sunday, 17 November 2013

And is hoping for some soon

And no that doesn't mean I've been wallowing in filth since the last post, just a way of heralding a forthcoming trip. In fact I enjoyed some non domestic clean sheets last weekend. A trip south, with first a repeat stopover at The George and Dragon, Clifton with another good dinner and a very comfy bed. Then on to Wales and a scrumptious seafood platter at the Angel, Abergavenny (@LovetheAngel) and the always warm hospitality chez GlamourPuss and the Prof. But now I'm looking forward to a trip away. To Brussels (a first) and then on to Paris. Not for the first time but the first time solely for leisure. So I'm looking forward with anticipation and a little trepidation. I've splashed out, on accommodation and restaurant bookings. How will they be? Will I maintain my Louvre duck?

Answers here soon.........