Saturday, 16 July 2016

and is reunited with old friends

Isn't it nice when something long lost turns up again?

It happened for me this week. Not human, nor animal friends,  but my sunglasses which had been lost,  and feared gone forever for several weeks.
They weren't new, nor even this year's style.  Disclaimer, I'm not entirely certain what even *is* this year's style. But I liked them. They were comfy and just the right degree of shadiness,  which meant they were wearable in our not completely sunny climes. And then at the end of last month following an afternoon of gardening they were gone.
I was pretty sure I had been wearing them. But where could I have put them? Not in my bag, nor on my desk. Not in the car. Nowhere to be seen in the garden.  I searched and remained hopeful for a few days, then gradually resigned myself to the fact they were gone.  Perhaps I hadn't been wearing them after all,  perhaps I'd left them in a shop or cafe in town?  I even went back and asked.
And then, two days ago I was in the garden. Standing beside the trug I'd been using,  I glanced  down on a pile of weedy debris. Hang on, what was that glinting?
My sunglasses! Yippee! But I'd checked that pile of weeds, and looked into the trug.  And now there they were. A little mossy but nothing a good clean couldn't fix.
Obviously the woodland creature who'd borrowed them knew what was this year's style.
But as far as I'm concerned.  Woodland creatures 0 Marina 1