Saturday, 16 January 2016

and realises it's been too long

Gosh! I haven't posted anything here since well before Christmas. Not that the world will stop turning but I like to keep busy and it's quite good self discipline to post regularly. So what's been happening and where have we been?

Well we spent a lovely Christmas in Wales with GlamourPuss and the Prof. On our way south we had a two night stopover at the lovely White Swan, Pickering, North Yorkshire. This is a great addition to our list of dog friendly hotels. The dog friendly accommodations are the hideaway rooms in the courtyard.  These are not the second class abodes sometimes forced on dog owners, they are large, cosy and luxurious. And you're not confined to your room either, dogs are welcome, and a real warm welcome it is too, in the bars (where you can eat off the restaurant menu) and the sumptuous residents only bothy, which is about as far from a mountain bothy as you can get. Unless you know of a mountain bothy with soft sofas, an open fire, magazines, free hot beverages and an honesty bar??? The food is good too and Pickering seems to be well supplied with nice little eateries if you want to venture out.

candlelit dinner

relax by the fire

pig in a jar

Pickering is a pretty little town with some interesting shops,  a heritage railway , castle and stand out medieval frescoes in the church of St Peter and St Paul which is tucked away up a vennel behind the pet shop (also recommended). The surrounding area has plenty to offer too and hopefully will soon recover from the terrible floods.* After exploring the town we headed to Filey to stretch our legs on the beach; the tide had other ideas though so we kept to the prom. Dogstarke did manage a little dip and met lots of nice dogs, including five other BTs (and was nice to them) so it was a good day for her too.

church of St Peter and St Paul, Pickering


enjoying the sea

Christmas Eve saw us loading up the sleigh and heading to Wales where we mostly cocooned and  enjoyed the splendid hospitality of the aforementioned Glamour'n'Prof. But we did sneak in a couple of visits to our old favourite The Angel, I loved the apres ski bar.

Rudi taking a break from the sleigh 

it has to be said, she was less than thrilled.......

just one of Glamour's trees

in the selfie shack

that might not be coffee.......

We headed back north for the New Year and after a brief stop off with the MacStarkes,  were home to toast 2016 at our local with a dram and some dancing.

a dram similar to the one taken

A belated Happy New Year!

Marina x

*Pickering avoided the floods