Saturday, 13 February 2016

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 I didn't just visit the Kelvingrove Museum (and art gallery) when I was down in Glasgow this week, I made a trip to the Hunterian Art gallery and the Mackintosh house too. Mind you I almost didn't make it. The leaflet advertising Glasgow's museums didn't make it clear enough (to me at least), that the Hunterian has two sections, the museum and the art gallery and that they are in two different buildings. I found my way to the museum easily enough. It's in an impressive  building and I made my way up.....

....and found myself in a distinctly scientific space. OK, there was also a good Antonine Wall exhibition, which is (contrary to what I thought at the time and reported elsewhere*) on permanent display. I'd quite like to have a longer look at it  one day but it wasn't what I'd gone in search of. Neither were the cases of anatomical specimens, I've seen too many of these. I trudged around getting despondent and left the building.

And then I saw the sign. Hunterian Art Gallery and Mackintosh house. Yes! Happiness restored. They are across the road, and a little bit obscured by pavement works at the moment.  My spirits drooped again when I found out that entry to the Mackintosh house was a by guided tour only. But as it was due to start I was persuaded to go along.

I was so glad I did. The house is a little gem. It's a reconstruction of the Mackintoshes' home just along the street,  on what was once Florentine Terrace. The original house, which had been bought by the university of Glasgow, was demolished in 1963. Luckily all the Mackintosh features had been removed and saved.

I haven't any photos, it's not allowed but you can see images here. I was lucky enough to visit on a sunny afternoon, experiencing the light effects Mackintosh loved and really appreciating the "house as a flower"  concept; growing up from the dark lower rooms to the light filled upper floors, the bedrooms aligned to the rising  sun. It's a short tour but very well worth it. Go if you get a chance.

After my tour I took a quick look around the gallery but decided I need to return and give it my full attention another day.

And since I was in the city I took myself off for a quick look around the shops.

and maybe bought a little something

Marina x

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