Thursday, 11 February 2016

and had fun in the city

Last week I tried to get creative with textiles, this week I enjoyed others' beautiful creations. I took the early(ish) train down to Glasgow to catch the "A Century of Style" exhibition at the Kelvingrove Museum.

You'll have to rush if you want to see it as it closes on Sunday, but you can download the app and enjoy it at home. I would recommend a visit if you can because even though you can't touch the clothes you can get close and enjoy the details. The exhibition explores 19th Century fashion through colour. Starting off with the drabs and  greys often associated with the time, because of our experience of viewing through sepia glasses, it then transports visitors  through the rainbow.


and red

make purple


and Paisley weaves

There are interesting snippets of social history and science, though as almost always,  the clothes are those of the middle and upper classes, the clothes of workers and the poor rarely survive; rare exceptions can be found at the NTS Moirlanich Longhouse.

Before my visit I  popped into the friendly Salt deli on Byres Road and fuelled myself with a delicious brisket sandwich washed down with rhubarb and rooibos tea.

mmm, what shall I have?

I get a lot of reading done on the train

brisket sandwich, scrumptious

 I loved the urban buzz of the  West End with its super shops and cafes; it's good to go back from time to time for a "fix".

But it's also lovely to come home to this

not telling

Marina X

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