Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Everyone likes a list......

Well maybe not everyone but I love lists and complain when places.things I love are overlooked. So here a bit prematurely is my hit list for 2012

Best meal. Not best restaurant or best menu but best all around meal experience....Lunch by Brian Maule at Chardon d'Or. We had a lovely lunch here in June; food was great, service friendly but not oppressive and the room comfortable. It's obviously a popular place because it was busy on a Wednesday lunchtime (ok this may have had something to do with a certain regal visit) and we vowed to return for dinner. ( still on the to do list)



Best picnic. Soft shell crab, oysters and rose frizzante at the Abergavenny Food Festival. Late summer, great company and lovely food. What more could you wish for?

Best view. Now this one is hard. After all this was the year we saw whales off the Great Barrier Reef.......

And Paris crackling under sub zero temperatures....
But this was the one I enjoyed most, warmed by love and a malt.
Best brunch. Cafe de l'Industrie, rue St. Sabin, Paris. I don't have a photo of the food but it was scrumptious, with a touch of heat to warm us up. And this scooter parked outside.
Best museum. Textile tower house, Hawick. I love this place, it has a great mix of temporary shows - from textile students to Sir Walter Scott and a good permanent display of Hawick's woolly heritage. There's also a great. wee shop and very friendly staff.
Best jubilee tea party. The one chez Starke of course, and it was sunny!
By now you'll have twigged that just like the end of year clip shows I have no real theme and just wanted to post pretty pictures.

So with absolutely no compunction here is the final category...........

Best cute animal. Could it be, the Wombat? (above).


The Koala?

The Koala with her Joey?


The duck?


Perhaps the lizard?

Nooooooo. Don't be silly. The cutest animal and best puppy is......





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