Sunday, 4 November 2012


So, scared by stories of dogs slipping their collars and running off, and Dogstarke being a very small dog and having no road sense yet, I bought her a harness. A nice, comfy, padded harness. In pink. A horrible sickly, baby pink. Master Starke refused to take her out wearing it, and he'd wanted to buy her a, Swarovski crystal studded collar.

A lovely sunny autumn afternoon, a lively puppy. On goes the harness and out we go. Flop. Bottom firmly planted on ground. Much persuasion. Dogstarke gets picked up and carried to the street. Every step has to be cajoled. At the park she rolls in the dirt and slinks along. Not herself at all. She's not even tempted by crunchy dry leaves. Feeling beaten I remove the harness and attach the lead to her collar. Her black nylon lead and purple leather collar. Dogstarke struts along, tail aloft and ears cocked, plays in the leaves and gets brave and talks to other dogs.

Purple, black, leather; Autumn trends no?

Photo doesn't truly represent vile colour.


1 comment:

  1. Poor darling! Baby pink??
    Magenta, fuchsia ,even neon shocking Barbie pink
    But never ,ever,ever sugary baby pink
    NO female in this family wears that-the tabby princess has ruby red(plus sparkles)
    Hopefully there weren't too many witnesses to the atrocity and she has not lost all street cred!
    Loving the purple /black nylon/leather combo-are boots available??
    Love and Kisses xxx