Monday, 26 November 2012

But has never seen Star Wars

Actually that's a lie, although never on the big screen. "I've never seen Star Wars is the name of a show on R4 where guests try out something popular they've never done; eat Pot Noodle, get waxed, wear jeans, watch the X Factor, you get the idea. I'll never be on the show, which is good, these never done things are precious.

There are lots of very popular programmes and films I've never seen. They're secret. Once someone knows they see it as a project. They want to stop you missing out. This is how I succumbed to Pretty Woman. I can't let sisterstarke know the list or she wouldn't rest, tho' she wasn't to blame for PW. She would ply me with wine and the next thing I'd know would be my least favourite movie star (even before his fall from grace) rampaging across the screen. And then where would I be? I'd have lost a bit of me-ness.

I'm also a bit superstitious. On our first date Mr Starke and I almost visited a historic site. Almost. We've avoided it ever since.

We're off to Paris soon. I've been there quite a few times. Never to the Louvre. Each visit I used to think "I'll go to the Louvre this time". Once I was all set to go, was at the gate for opening time, queued for twenty minutes but there was a strike. Another time complete with a museum carte, so I'd already paid, I got through the passage but was overwhelmed by the choice of galleries and ran away. I don' t avoid National collections as a rule. I've visited them in other cities, become their Friend. I've been to the other "biggies" in Paris, a couple more than once. I've searched out the strange, the "insolite" and been a solitary visitor in some. The Louvre though continues to elude me and is becoming a touchstone.

Instead of a 100, 1000 etc. things to see, do, eat before you die list, I've got an ever increasing list of don'ts.

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  1. Oh - how I LOVE a challenge!
    And remember- most last regrets are of things not done/seen/enjoyed (admittedly, slushy films don't feature in a major way)
    Tho there are exceptions ....... but not to be mentioned here!!
    Have fun in Paris- don't drink too much wine in hotel bar whilst wearing silk pyjamas
    With a friend with a knotted napkin on her head
    Playing a grand piano
    Doing the conga
    With a group of Japanese tourists who were hugely impressed (unlike bar staff who were less so!)
    Yes-I did, and had a major hangover as a result
    So now you're wondering what on earth are the things she COULDN'T mention