Saturday, 23 April 2016

..and puts the heels back in the box.

So I'm back from my weekend in the city and it's been back to my more usual footwear

although on sunny days I've worn these.

This means that Dogstarke has been very happy because it's meant lots of "walkies" for her. And coupled with some lovely sunny weather it's brought smiles all round.

As well as one of our regular walks, taking in not one but two of Dogstarke's favourite beaches we also explored another one from the excellent walk highlands site.  It was in many ways a perfect walk; circular, close to a coffee stop, excellent views, historic interest and for Dogstarke a friendly dog to play with (because she's not so big on views)

looking north

Dounie castle

across to Jura

We ended the week with  a lovely lunch at The Hawthorn Restaurant at Benderloch and then (partially) walked it off at Tralee beach. It has to be said, DogStarke did most of the calorie burning, and she hadn't eaten lunch. But I did have a paddle.

Today the weather has turned a little cooler but we still had a lovely walk and enjoyed the Spring flowers.

We have visitors next week so I  hope the sun doesn't go too far away. And after that I might just be dusting down the heels for  another city outing.

Until next time

Marina x

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