Monday, 18 April 2016

and found some!

We've been on more "walkies",   DogStarke  describes them here, but I'll concentrate on urban things and our visit to Edinburgh. This time we decided to travel by train and didn't need to choose a hotel with parking. I had a look at what was available for our dates and settled on Motel One Princes Street. I hadn't heard of this brand before, but reviews were good and prices low, so decided to give it a try.

Entrance to Waverley Station, right opposite the hotel

It definitely leads the field in the  budget range. I arrived early but was able to check into my room. The process was very quick and friendly, and DogStarke was made particularly welcome. I was pleasantly surprised by our room,  bigger than I'd expected with a king sized bed.

There are no wardrobes just two hanging rails,  though they have "proper" hangers not those awful fixed on things, and a small shelved area. If you were staying for a longer period or had lots of formal outfits,  storage might prove to  be a problem but for a weekend break it's just fine. Rooms also have a full length  mirror, hairdryer, free WiFi and the usual kettle and mugs.

The shower room was compact but the shower itself was good, though the towels were a bit skimpy.

We didn't check out that "One Lounge" because while the hotel is dog friendly they are only allowed in bedrooms, not in any public areas. That didn't matter too much as DogStarke was getting her own special treat, staying at MasterStarke's for a night.
Actually she wasn't only one looking forward to seeing him, and I really enjoyed our lovely night at Nonna's Kitchen on Morningside Road.

The restaurant is a favourite of his and GGGF, and deservedly so, it has good food and a great atmosphere. You can always tell a restaurant has something right when it's regularly full on a midweek night;  for five or six years I would pass by on my way home from my Pilates class on a Wednesday night, and it was never less than buzzing.
He can't remember, but when MasterS was just a little boy he loved, and was welcomed at The Patio on Hanover Street which was the Stornaiuolo family's former restaurant.

On Saturday came the reason for our trip, we travelled down the coast to  The Granary at Balgone just outside North Berwick, where my friend was celebrating her Ruby wedding anniversary. It's a great place with plenty of space to spread out, inside and out, there's even a covered heated pool. We didn't test that out at the party, but as the weather was kind (mostly) we were able to enjoy the gardens. It was a lovely afternoon with four generations of family and lots of friends enjoying good food and company.

Back in Edinburgh we had planned to pop down to V deep in Leith for the evening as  I'd discovered it was dog friendly, but we'd eaten so well at the party and were quite tired, so just cocooned in our room and watched TV instead.

Sunday saw us back on the train and heading home.

And that's where I am now.

Marina x

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