Tuesday, 20 October 2015

and enjoys some Autumn sunshine

I've been on the other side of the holiday divide recently, we've been busy at home. So I'm glad that we've had a bit of an Indian summer because I feel guilty if the weather is bad. I know that's silly, because there are some things beyond control and it's  Glamour Puss who claims the magical powers, but it's true.
one of the glorious sunsets we've enjoyed this month

I think Autumn could be my favourite season, the colours are gorgeous and the low sun casts fabulous shadows.  Autumn still feels like the start of the year too,  even though it's years since it actually was.  And it's a time for celebration;  three Starke birthdays, our wedding anniversary and that of  DogStarke joining the family.

Autumn flowers

It's the season for walking, and that's what we've been doing on our days off.  When we moved here I bought a great little  book of walks which we're working our way through.

We're still on the easier ones, graded C or B,  and wouldn't be thinking about moving up a grade until the summer comes;  A and A+ are serious hill walks. One walk has become a regular outing, it's close by and has a beach at each end so heaps of fun for DogS;  others call for a bit more organisation.

get it right or it's a long walk back

Of course all this wholesome outdoor activity does tend to work up an appetite....sometimes we take a picnic.....

but mostly  we call in  for "a little something".  Fast becoming a favourite is  the Ben Lora cafe and bookshop at Benderloch, we've also enjoyed the Bridge of Orchy hotel and the Atlantic Islands Centre on Luing.

Because every good walk deserves cake.....

at the Ben Lora cafe

And anniversaries deserve a celebration, so I've  booked a little stay somewhere. But that's a secret for now.

october 2005

Marina x

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