Sunday, 9 August 2015

and tried out some new ones

Sorry a text heavy post because I didn't take any photos of my most recent stay, but it was very much a "what you see is what you get" kind of place,  so you can trust the pictures on the website. "Yes,  well where were you? "  you may be asking -  Holiday Inn Express,  Riverside, Glasgow. Not my usual choice but we needed to be in Glasgow fairly early for a (family) business meeting and so we had to find somewhere which wasn't too pricey.

And for our needs it delivered;  the room was a decent size with better hanging space than in some more expensive places I've stayed, and a more generous supply of hangers*. Even if they were of my bete-noir "fixie" type, but again I've come across them in four star hotels too. The bathroom was small with no tub but a decent shower, very clean, good lighting and a well designed use of space. If you are choosy about your shower gels etc then do as I  did and take your own, hair/bodywash is supplied but I find some detergents really drying so didn't use it. If you're travelling by air and subject to liquid restrictions there are plenty of places nearby to pick up supplies.

We booked direct so breakfast was included, the hotel was full and peak breakfast time was very, very busy. The offerings are so-so, fine if you like cereal (I don't),  but the pastries were underwhelming and the toast machine under pressure. There's a selection of hot foods, eggs, sausages, beans which seemed popular but after a week of cooking breakfast for my own guests, well they didn't really appeal!  I think if it wasn't included I wouldn't bother, there are plenty of cafes around.  I like trying out cafes for breakfast when I'm in a new city. There's the option to grab a coffee and mini muffin from reception if you're in a rush.

The staff were all very friendly and helpful, printing us off a map to find our chosen dinner venue and advising on areas we could access with our dog. Oh yes, number one on our search filters, dog friendliness, and this one is.

Car parking is readily available nearby. There is a fairly lively pub a few doors along but we weren't disturbed by any noise. The shops and bars of the Merchant City are just a couple of blocks away. Not the most luxurious, but if you want somewhere clean and functional to sleep while you explore Glasgow then you could do a whole lot worse.

So how did we get on with our own guests?  Well, I forgot two breakfast items on our first morning, even though they were cooked! And then there were the spiders emerging from my garden flowers! Luckily both sets of guests were very kind. In fact with all my fingers and toes crossed, they have all been lovely.  I haven't had the confidence to put us on Trip Advisor and ask for  reviews yet,  so no feedback. We both agree that it was a good idea to test ourselves out with the one room this season. It's difficult enough trying to coordinate just two different breakfast orders. It's been fun though and great meeting new people. I've enjoyed giving recommendations and helping people explore our lovely surroundings.

I just wish I could fix the weather.

Table set for breakfast, and THOSE flowers

*One memorable time, a  4* hotel in Oslo, staying for a week, a varied social programme including a formal dinner, FOUR hangers!

PS, this mega ship was docked at Greenock the day we visited. How do they cope with all those breakfasts? *gulp*

MS Royal Princess and of course, the sun shone the day we didn't have guests

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