Sunday, 25 January 2015

and gives self a ticking off....

Yes Marina, write out several hundred times "I must not put things off until tomorrow...".
What's brought this on? Wasted opportunity. Last post I complained that I hadn't really been out and about this year. Then came the most glorious weekend and if I didn't travel to distant, nor even new places, managed a good bit of exploring the local area in the most gorgeous crispy, winter sunshine. Weather which was absolutely perfect for  taking photos.
Except I haven't been able to take proper photos since the first week of my summer holidays when my camera battery ran out with no means of charging it up. Ever since then I've been promising myself that I'd order a new charger.
But I didn't. So I couldn't take photos on my 50th birthday, or when we moved house or lots of other times. Yes, I have a phone and yes it can take photos and in good conditions they are ok. But I've been missing the chance to take "proper" photos. Not that I'm that good at it, but I find it fun and like adding them to my posts.
So I finally got around to ordering the parts I needed, an edit duly arrived;  in time for one of the dreichest weekends in ages. And I live in a very wet part of the country. Even Dogstarke hasn't been that keen on going outdoors.
Still it was nice to see the last photos I took back in July........ sunny Yorkshire.

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