Monday, 6 October 2014

And remembers the summer on a rainy day

I'm actually remembering a rainy stay, but the hotel was warm and comfortable so the weather didn't matter. Back in August, between moving out of our home of the past eight years and getting the keys to our new one, Mr Starke treated us to a couple of days luxury at Airds Hotel, Port Appin. Even though we hadn't done all the heavy lifting ourselves it was lovely to have a break away from boxes,to kick back and relax. Airds is well placed for that; Port Appin must be one of the loveliest spots in Argyll, which isn't short of lovely spots.

Looking out across Loch Linnhe from Airds hotel.

The views are spectacular whatever the weather, steely grey seas when it rains and stripes of turquoise and blue in the sunshine, often both in the space of a few minutes, bright flashes of orange membretia and craggy rocky shores. The weather didn't deter us and we walked along the shore; to the north is Castle Stalker on a tiny tidal island but still too much of an island to reach on that walk. Mark that one down for another day.


Dogstarke enjoying the walk

A quick, hot shower chased away the chills then we were off to the lawyers and a quick peek at our new home.

Airds, well prepared for the weather

Back at Airds we settled with our books and watched sea from the warmth of our room; later we would have a bath and a good dinner.

Next day, all change, two trucks, boxes, more boxes, placing, re-placing, a picnic lunch, more placing and replacing, a cup of tea; watching the sea from a room of our own.




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