Sunday, 6 January 2013

And remembers her first visit to Glasgow

It was back in the 1980's. We'd travelled the Kyle line, hitch hiked across Skye and then taken the West Highland down from Fort William to Glasgow. Arriving late we sought out our B&B. It had featured in a guide. ..

The past is a another country B&Bs were different then.

The other residents were somewhat more long term, the sheets nylon, the wiring suspect and next morning in the breakfast room, watched over by the Queen, the orange juice was squash. But I'm jumping ahead of myself; before the delights of breakfast we stepped out to explore the city. Fresh from the sticks I'd had one academic year in Edinburgh, quite insulated from big city life, Glasgow was big, loud, scary and had a motorway tearing through it.

It was some time before I returned.

Jump to the end of the decade, Glasgow and I had reinvented ourselves. A different "we" escaped frequently to the west. Enjoying the Capital of Culture status, we explored the arts, the cafes and bars. Glasgow was blooming and booming.

Another decade, a new century. Enter Mr Starke, from the west tho' you'd never know.

And so to the latest clean sheets, Blythswood Square Hotel. Glasgow outpost of its group occupying the former Royal Automobile Club premises. A twelfth day of Christmas present, less noisy than the drummers and pipers, with plenty of lords and ladies having fun, no milk maids, exotic or farmyard fowl, and all the better for it. We needed this break.

The stay encapsulated what I like about Glasgow, stylish, sometimes brash above all friendly. If Edinburgh can be fur coat, nae knickers and "you'll have had your tea" then Glasgow is cocktails and your best frillies with a VPL. If, unlike me, you are used to the rarefied atmosphere of the international five star hotel, then you may be disappointed. But if you like some glitz and grandeur, big comfy beds, free fast wifi, good use of Scottish textiles and a great Glasgow welcome, then you'll find it here.

No photos for this post. Go and see for yourself.

PS Tunnock's tea cakes on the hospitality tray, need I say more?

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