Saturday, 19 January 2013

And is looking forward to a long hot bath and some home cooking

The overnight trip to Glasgow was a lovely end to the holiday season and then "boof" on the 7th January it was hello work, goodbye kitchen. Instead of clean sheets it's been dust sheets for the past couple of weeks as kitchen and a bathroom get a makeover. All, the work is coming together now and both rooms are shaping up nicely but with most of our kitchenware packed up in boxes we've been eating out rather more than normal. Actually it's been eating out and ordering in. For the latter we've had the traditional favourite, fish suppers, which to non Scots means battered fish and chips, from our local "chippie" The Concord, more pizza than is healthy and delicious Malaysian food from Kampung Ali, for once eschewing my favourite Chao Toay Keow for equally scrumptious spicy Malaysian aubergine.

Eating out has stretched our resources, logistical, as well as financial, working around Master Starke's social whirl to ensure company for Dogstarke because al fresco eating is just a little bit chilly at the moment and not everywhere welcomes dogs. We did manage coffee and cake outside at Woodside in the Borders although we were nicely heated up, after a brisk muddy walk.

On Monday it was hats off to Hemma, Edinburgh where we all enjoyed lunch after a bound around Holyrood Park.


Who could resist this face?

Not only do they welcome dogs but they supply water bowls too. Falko on Bruntsfield place is another cafe which welcomes dogs, with a water bowl outside (for non customers too), in fact Dogstarke expects to go in every time we walk past.

Dogstarke for her part has been enjoying the snow, eating it, chasing it and jumping on it. She's even developing a line of impersonations with it, Santa and "Scarface" Tony Montana to date. Though this latter has left Mr Starke looking like one of Tony's victims, after he made too close contact with the wall in his rush to let me see her.

We had a delicious dinner without Dogstarke at the ever welcoming Centotre, where I enjoyed a skewer of spicy sausages on lentils, perfect for a freezing night.

So to tonight which should be our penultimate with no cooker, the hob gets connected on Monday. We're going local, and getting to take Dogstarke. Hope they don't get scared off by Mr Starke's menacing appearance!


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  1. Poor Mr Starke, tho I doubt he could EVER really look menacing- it just isn't in his nature!
    And -NO-noone could resist that face :D
    Have fun with new cooker
    or better still, let Mr Starke have fun and you enjoy the results