Tuesday, 1 December 2015

and enjoys being a tourist at home

PapaStarke came to stay for a few days recently so I had the chance to be a tourist at home again. His first full day promised the best weather so we planned a small expedition.
We wrapped up well and set off for the ferry from Cuan to Luing. Dad's not too good on boats but this was ok as it's just a few minutes across the sound, although it is a pretty fast flowing channel.
Safely across, our destination was Cullipool and the Atlantic Islands Centre where we could enjoy a spot of lunch. I  think an expedition without food is like..........Something that is no fun at all!

I've done the trip before, the first time along the coast and it appeared in DogStarke's blog back in June, and on another occasion MrS., DogS and I took the path over the hill crossing the highest point on Luing, but that was pretty muddy even after a dry spell,  so Dad and I kept to the road. It's still a nice walk with lovely views across Torsa to Loch Melfort and plenty of sniffs for DogS.  We passed the drinking cup but decided to hold out for something a bit more warming from the cafe.

to quench your thirst on dryer days!

At Cullipool Dad tried his hand at some stone skimming while  I distracted DogStarke, though she still managed  to swim out after some of Dad's skims! Then after all that activity it was time for a spot of lunch.

Luing scallops with black pudding

We walked back at a faster pace because the rain had come on, with Dad thinking the earth's axis had tilted because ".....surely it was mostly uphill on the way?".

The next day didn't even pretend to dryness so we had to look for an inside activity and Dad decided on a visit to  Oban Distillery . We had a lovely lunch first at The Waterfront Fishhouse then walked along to the Distillery, tucked in on Stafford street. What a good choice Dad had made,  I've been on other tours but thought that this one was just right, not too long, informative, entertaining and you get generous samples and a tasting glass to take away.

Next day we were joined by MasterS and GGGF so we celebrated with a meal out at another one of Oban's great restaurants Piazza at the North Pier, it shares a site with another lovely fish restaurant Ee-usk  but we all fancied some Italian comfort food on a wild night. We had a great time catching up and all pitched in to help Dad with his pud!

Scrumptious! And enormous

The weekend heralded the start of Oban's Winter Festival and on Saturday we explored the markets, bought lots of candles,  enjoyed scallop kebabs, a first for MasterS and watched the reindeer parade and Christmas light switch on.

waiting for Santa

  Then  back home for a celebratory meal and the first exchange of presents, I hope MasterS enjoys his Advent hamper.

just a regular calendar for me
Best wishes for the holiday season

Marina x

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