Monday, 30 December 2013

And did manage to keep another one

The trip to Paris was about a month ago but with two house moves and Christmas there hasn't been much time to write part II.....

So while on a break elsewhere I'll take some time to remember and recount. And the score stands, Paris visits12+ : Louvre visits 0.

We had an unknown arrondissement to explore and ducked down off the streets to some lovely places.

This path along the former Petite Ceintuire suburban railway. On its eastern stretches it's still wild but in the 16th there's a section officially accessible between Porte d'Auteil and Gare de la Muette.

Wandering around delivers other surprises, this Castel Beranger an early example of social housing.


And if it looks familiar that's not surprising, it was designed by one M. Guimard of Metropolitan fame, it was his first solo commission.

We couldn't visit Paris without our now customary cemetery visit, at Cimetiere de Passy we paid our respects to Manet

And despite getting our Municipals closed Monday, Nationals closed Tuesday a bit mixed up we did manage quite a few not-the-Louvre museum visits, including Maison de Balzac (best if you speak or at least read French), Musee Cernuschi and the Petit Palais.

Through the square window at Musee Cernuschi.


Petit Palais


And there's still more to see at these and others to call us back another day.


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