Sunday, 18 August 2013

And found some over the sea in Skye

I've been to Skye a few times but this was only the second time that I did actually go "over the sea". The first time in the 1980s was pre-bridge so there was no choice but subsequent journeys had gone by the land route. Return journeys had been made by boat, the short crossing from Glenelg ( and the longer one from Armadale, but getting there usually meant a rush to arrive before dinner, after a start at least an hour later than planned, so the road was the faster option. This time we were unusually punctual and the sign promising roadworks ahead was all we needed to opt for the Road to the Isles, and yes it really is called that, for Mallaig and the ferry. There was still no time to stop and I did manage to miss the Glenfinnan monument and viaduct while texting but it was a gorgeous journey. And then we sat on the deck of the MV Coruisk with tea and tablet and sailed over the sea to Skye.

We were having a clan MacStarke gathering in the northwest of the island at Glendale. With an outpost here at Colbost for me and Mr Starke.

This little cottage, just for two, was very well equipped and dog-friendly. And no, I didn't have to rush outside during a five second sunshine opportunity, we had hot and sunny weather, specially up at the Lump watching the Highland Games

Perhaps these chaps would have welcomed some rain?

And piping's hot work too..
Looking down to the Cuillin
I didn't manage a swim this time just a paddle but Dogstarke had some nice early morning dips.


tho' one morning she was a bit upset to find these ladies had got to the beach first.


This beach was just in front of The Three Chimneys, which was just a short hop away from Mr Starke and me at Silverdale. Even in heels. And I didn't actually hop.

But I did enjoy some scrumptious food. We feasted on some of the best that Scotland has to offer; great raw ingredients made even more special by the great cooking. It was a feast for the eyes too, garnished with edible flowers and foraged plants. Tiny nasturtiums are peppery; who knew?

Like all the best gatherings there was lots of chat, retelling old stories and making new ones. Remembering the people who couldn't be there, thinking about ones yet to come.



Finishing up in the House Over By, yes those are madeleines. But we started with cheese scones.


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