Friday, 26 October 2012

Introducing Dogstarke

and here she is. She's been with us almost a week. I was warned that it would be like having a baby again, and it is (apart from labour obviously). This time round I'm more organised and determined to keep to routines, unlike poor master starke who was just fitted around our lifestyle of the time. Then I hardly knew anyone with babies now quite a few friends are dog owners. Once again I 'm working more than I'd like to be but at least dogstarke's upbringing is within the family. I'm trying not to be impatient - wanting long walks and perfect behaviour; trying to appreciate the puppy weeks which will be over far too soon.

I'm starting to look out for dog friendly places to go once we can manage days out and weekends away. I'm looking forward to returning to the lovely Kilberry Inn in Knapdale and visiting Kilcamb Lodge in Ardnamurchan.

But at the moment after a busy day, I'm letting sleepy dogs lie


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